The Federal Estontetsan Republic
Conventional short name:
 Local: Estontetso
 Ingallish: Estontetso
Data codes: FS, FSD
Government type: Federal Republic
Area: 000 km²
Established: BP

Estontetso, officially known as the Federal Estontetsan Republic, is a sovereign country located in Longerath.


Estontetsan EmpireEdit

When the Liliani Empire began to collapse, its conquered territories gradually slipped away from it, either by outright rebellion or by simply not heeding imperial decrees anymore. In 600 BP, the last Liliani Emperor, Natestus I, stopped trying to hold Liliana's far-flung empire together. Instead, he concentrated on the Liliani heartland, abandoning the periphery in order to strengthen the interior. By doing this, Natestus was left ruling a stable and unified nation. It was, admittedly, considerably smaller than the old Liliani Empire, but it was no longer falling apart. This new empire was called Estontetso.


Map of the Estontetsan Empire in 580 BP.

In 579 BP Gorami declared its independence, and took a good portion of Arrebarbadera with it. It would maintain this independence for almost five centuries.


Flag of the Estontetsan Empire.

In About seventy-five years after its establishment, Estontetso was guaranteed stability, with no more threat of internal difficulties than could be expected. Because of this, it began once again to look outwards, particularly to the north, and then to the south, where Dascunya lay. There were some that even dreamed of reestablishing a Liliani Empire. This expansionistic outlook was one of the primary causes behind the Longerathian Wars.

Former Emperor's of EstontetsoEdit

Augustian DynastyEdit

Nikadian DynastyEdit

Thacian DynastyEdit

Clavius DynastyEdit

Catavian DynastyEdit

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