Estron, the language of the aboriginal people of the Somerish peninsula, which over time was overshadowed by Somerish, supposedly died out as a spoken language at the end of the second century, popularly naming Frithall Kimbethery of Michel Moden, Ombridgeshire, Somery, as its last speaker. His great grandson, Rother Kimbethery, has taken the initiative, by forming An Geniol Ethuín, The Estron League, to start a campaign to restore this modern version of Estron. The language, which had developed considerably since the classical Estron era has been preserved through old letters and a limited amount of literature up to the turn of the last century. The interest in the language has been on the increase in the last few years and time will tell if the League can keep that interest alive. In any case it is a way to preserve an important part of the culture and history of Somery.

A variant of Estron is spoken in Cimera.

Estron is related to, but not mutually intelligible with, Fyldish.

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