Area 12,547 sq.kms (21)
Population 1,000,000 (11)
Pop.density 80/ (7)
Shire seat Ewmouth
Boroughs 1
Hundreds 10
Mail code EW
Motto Naye mo atweyn
Never again apart

Ewst is a shire of Somery. The shire is situated along the old boundary between the lathes of Northerewland and Sutherewland, following river Ewe, covering basically its valley, and the coastal area around the Bay of Serneway. The shire's long beaches are big tourist attractions, with several seaside resorts, mainly between Meaham and Ewmouth.

River Ewe has for a long time been an important border, and its valley was once one of the most fortified ones in the country. Rows of forts at regular intervals can still be seen on both banks of the river.

Ewsteth Bridge, a few miles north of Solley, is the place where the Ewsteth Writ was signed in 5 BP by the first three lathes, and also where the final Fullock Writ was signed seven years later, in 2 AP, when all twelve lathes had signed the treaty, and a united Somery was a fact.

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