Founded300 AP
HeadquartersFenizabad, Feniz
Mother companyOF Chemical <- OF Holding

FARMAFENIZ, the Pharmaceutical Corporation of the Sultanate of Feniz, is a subsidiary of OF Chemical Group, a subsidiary of Id'S-Oylof Feniz (OF).

Products Edit

Products of FARMAFENIZ are prefixed FEN- or FENI-, such as:

  • the antihistamine FENISTIL [TECH: (R) in real life!]
  • FENISPIRIN, the well-known pain-killer
  • the psycho-drug FENIUM
  • the stomach tablets FENALOX
  • mineral products KALIFEN, CALCIFEN and FENICOAL
  • vitamin products FENASCORB and VITAFEN (multi-vitamin)
  • the fungicidal BATRAFEN [TECH: (R) in real life!]

Ordering Edit

FARMAFENIZ products can be ordered online from HARRIZ MAIL ORDER.

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