FR Group is a Zartanian conglomerate or corporate holding firm headquartered in the Royal Crown Colony of Kunn Federon.  As a holding firm, FR Group does not produce any goods or services itself, but is used to hold the majority of ownership in a number of subsidiary companies, allowing the FR Group Board of Directors to exercise direct or indirect control over several corporations within the Greater Zartanian Empire.  Nearly all of FR Group's holdings are located in Zartania's outlying colonies, though some within the group's Board of Directors have advocated expanding the holdings to include companies located in mainland Zartania.  FR Group was established in 308AP (1372 Zartanian Calendar).  Its Board of Directors currently includes Edward Sanders, Bill White, Gerry Goodall, and several other, unnamed, individuals.  Zartanian Foreign Minister Sir Randall Young, KCK, has been speculatively linked to FR Group, though no definitive evidence has ever been produced.


Below is a list of publically disclosed holdings currently held by FR Group.  This list was compiled by the Ministry of Treasury & Commerce, and its release was authorized by the Ministry of Public Information & Customs.


Falcon Ridge Publishing

Falcon Ridge Motor Works



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