Map of Federative States of Aros

The Federative States are autonomous entities of Free and Independent Republic of Arosn which they have independent governments, but connected through the Federal Councilan assembly of organization and national legislation whose members are representatives of the 7 states.

Despite their autonomy, the states have a solid union, in which they fully respect the Federal Constitution and the interstate diplomatic terms, in addition to applying similar legislation throughout the national territory.


List of Federative StatesEdit

Flag Arms State Abv. Capital M.D I.D. Area Pop.
Flag Alana
CoatArms Alana
Alana AL Queta 17
Flag Cocoa
CoatArms Cocoa
Cocoa CC Cocoa City 37
Flag Januar
CoatArms Januar
Januar JN Janu 18 1
Flag Libra
Libra LB Nihel 20
Flag Luízia
Luízia LZ Luízia 28
Flag Meertan Archipelago
Melanian A. MA Meerton City 11 2
Flag New Merité
Nova Merité NM Viânia 22

M.D. - Number of Municipal Districts

I.D. - Number of Independent Districts

Pop. - Population

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