Flag of the Commonwealth of Fileminhon

Fileminhon Map

Position of Fileminhon in relation to Cruisana, and official map of the commonwealth

Fileminhon flag FCLR

Flag of Fileminhon during the rule of the FCLR

Fileminhon (oficially, the Commonwealth of Fileminhon) is a territory of the Kingdom of Cruisana. Originally a colony of the Lendian Empire and then a dependency of the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics (FCLR), Fileminhon was occupied by Cruisana on the 6th of March 299, as part of the dismantling of the Free Confederacy. A semi-autonomous part of the Kingdom, the Commonwealth is ruled by a Governor (currently Eric Peltera).

Nicknamed "the gateway to the northern waters", Fileminhon is located on an island to the northwest of Cruisana. Its main economical activities include fishing and tourism. The island houses a station of the Royal Cruisanan Coast Guard and also serves as a convenient base for scientific expeditions to Polaria and other northern territories.

The current flag of Fileminhon, adopted on the 23rd of January 302, is a swallowtailed pennant, the colors representing the richness of the soil (green), the richness of the mountains (gold) and the blue of the ocean, which surrounds the symbolic island, represented by the coat of arms. The crest incorporates the ancient symbol of the Philemon Pine, from which the name of the island comes. In addition, the ancient red cross flag of the Ingallish, early settlers on the island, is also present in the shield.

Major cities in Fileminhon include the capital Novick, and also Gunter and North Cove.

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