II National League disputed in Aros, It was organized by AFA

Participants Edit

Coast Division Edit

Inland Division Edit

Obs.: the Grêmio Leyonas replaces the participation of the Atlético Davas in Division of Inland

Dispute Model Edit

the same model used in the First League 287

look here

Classification Edit

First Stage Edit

Coast Division: Edit

Pos. Team Pts. W D L
1st Theobroma United 22 7 1 2
2nd River Nigel 19 5 4 2
3rd Canavaleira Sport 17 5 2 3
4th Sagres C.C. 15 4 3 4
5th Meritéia 9 2 3 5
6th Amstel FA 6 1 3 6

Inland Division: Edit

Pos. Team Pts. W D L
1st D.Vila                    00 0 0 0
2nd M.C. Luízian

3rd Librador

4th Vertigo C.C.

5th Janu Irans

6th Atl.Davas

Finals Edit

1st Place: Theobroma United

2nd Place: Sagres C.C.

3rd Place:

4th Place:


First Stage Edit

Coast Division: Edit



Theobroma (THE) X 2x1 1x1 4x0 3x0 3x2
Sagres (SAG) 0x1 X 0x0 1x0 3x1 2x0
River Nigel (RNG) 1x0 1x0 X 3x1 0x1 2x0
Amstel (AMS) 1x3 0x0 2x3 X 1x0 0x1
Meritéia (MER) 0x1 2x2 2x2 3x2 X 0x2
Canavaleira (CAN) 2x0 1x0 1x1 3x1 1x1 X

Inland Division: Edit

Janu Irans (IRA) X 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0 0x0
D.Vila (VIL) X
Librador (LIB) X
Atl.Davas (DAV) X
Vertigo (VER) X
Luízians (LUI) X

Second Stage Edit

Quarter finals Semi finals Final
 Theobroma United  5
 Vertigo C.C.  1  
 Theobroma United  2
   Canavaleira Sport  1  
 M.C. Luízians  1
 Canavaleira Sport  2  
 Theobroma United  4
   Sagres C.C.  2
 River Nigel  3
 Librador  0  
 River Nigel  1 Third place
   Sagres C.C.  3  
 D.Vila  2 (p:3)  Canavaleira Sport  1 (p:1)
 Sagres C.C.  2 (p:5)    River Nigel  1 (p:4)

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