The competition is a knockout tournament with pairings drawn completely at random - there are no seeds. The draw also determines which team will play at home. If a match is drawn, there is usually a replay at the ground of the other team although it is possible for teams to agree in advance not to replay a tie in which case the initial match will be settled by means of extra time and penalty shootouts if necessary. Drawn replays are settled with extra time and penalty shootouts.

The competition begins in August with the Extra-Preliminary Round contested by clubs occupying a low position in the football league system, which any affiliated club meeting a basic standard of ability and ground facilities may enter. Following the Extra-Preliminary Round is a Preliminary Round, four Qualifying Rounds, and six Rounds of the competition proper, followed by the Semi-Finals and the Final. All football clubs in the four professional and one semi-professional divisions may enter, and amateur, non-league clubs may also enter, and clubs higher up the league system are given byes to certain rounds.

Past FinalsEdit


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