Francguard is a city and administrative capital of the Saint Omar province in St. Samuel. The coastal city is located in the north-west of the province, in the Bay of Uhlan.

For hundreds of years the city has competed with Port-de-Quinzanna and Orrdinguard to be the main port of the north. Although smaller than in its heyday, the naval base in Francguard remains a major dockyard and base for the Royal Navy whose Headquarters resides there. There is also a thriving commercial ferryport serving destinations on the continent for freight and passenger traffic.

The city went into decline during the 290 AP's, but saw huge investment and rejuvenation in 305AP to once again make it an important provincial city. In 312AP the city was made provincial capital after Montanaville suffered a devastating earthquake.


The city of Francguard, was established around 4000BP, making it one of the oldest cities in St. Samuel. The city was originally named Jandemina and was the seat of power for the city state of Jandemine.