The Free Confederate Community is an association of nations which were once part of the Free Confederacy of Lendian Republics (and before that, the Lendian Empire).

The Free Confederate Community aims to achieve the following things:

  • Formulation of common policy on matters such as telecommunications, the environment, air travel, and other matters of mutual interest.
  • A passport union, allowing citizens to travel freely between member states.
  • A common labour market, allowing citizens of one state to work freely in other member states.
  • Joint maintenance and control of certain inherited infrastructure and facilities, such as the Lendian space program.

Any policy which affects the internal policies of FCC member states requires a unanimous vote, while other policies (such as a joint statement on foreign affairs) requires only a two thirds majority. Member states may opt out of any policy they wish.


Membership of the Free Confederate Community is restricted to those nations which were formerly under Lendian rule. Current members are Caboteniasa, Lendosa, Eastern Delgamia, Neoliliana, Mari'im, and Xochimechatl. The states of North Dignania, South Dignania, Melga, and West Uhlan have the option to seek membership, but have not yet done so.

Observer membership is available to countries which were not under Lendian rule, but which possess a certain amount of territory which was. The only current observer is Burovia (a member state of which, Lombriga, was part of Lendia). Cruisana, Estontetso, and Zartania could theoretically apply for observer status.

New members must be approved by a majority of existing members, and any member may exercise a veto.

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