Fuchsia "FuFu" Fung
Born 292 A.P.
Fudefu, Chungxiang
Achievements Two-time race winner
Racing Series RZOEAZ
Car no., team No. 39 (T.S. Wangg, Inc.)
317AP Pts Pos 105th of 110
Best Pts Finish 84th (314AP)
Last Race 317AP You-Cola 500
First Win 314AP Star City 400
Last Win 314AP Southern Confederation 500
Starts 32
Wins 2
Top-5s 4
Top-10s 8
Poles 0

Fuchsia "FuFu" Fung (born on an undisclosed date in history) is a Chungese race car driver in the RZOEAZ. She currently drives the No. 39 WanggStat Crème Kunghai for T.S. Wangg, Inc. She resides in her hometown of record in Chungxiang... or so we all assume. Her marital status is unknown - a gaping black hole in the fans' understanding and embracing of their beloved "FuFu."

Early LifeEdit

RZOEAZ CareerEdit

313AP SeasonEdit

Following the Cruisana 500, Kerner-Taffen Racing signed "FuFu" to replace failing Zartanian veteran Wayne Canderola, who had failed to qualify for the majority of the races to that point in the season.

314AP SeasonEdit

315AP SeasonEdit

316AP SeasonEdit

317AP SeasonEdit

Fung's final season with T.S. Wangg, Inc. was a terrible one, notching only two Top-10 finishes and wrapping up the season 105th of 110 drivers in the points standings. Despite her win during the season, she was released by the team in the end as they searched for new blood, leaving Fung to wonder if she would, indeed, find another ride for 318AP.

Career StatsEdit

Year Car Team Start Pole Win Top-5 Top-10 Finish
317AP #39 WanggStat Crème Kunghai T.S. Wangg, Inc. 18 0 1 2 2 105th
316AP #39 WanggStat Crème Kunghai T.S. Wangg, Inc. 0 0 0 0 0 TBA
315AP #39 WanggStat Crème Kunghai T.S. Wangg, Inc. 0 0 0 0 0 TBA
314AP #39 WanggStat Crème Kunghai T.S. Wangg, Inc. 22 0 2 4 7 84th
313AP #23 Taffen Computers/Woollee Saqlain Kerner-Taffen Racing 10 0 0 0 1 94th