Futuronian is a short-hand adjective for anything derived from the dominant vexwide culture, an amorphous blending of the cultures that exist around the Futuronian Ocean between the continents of Eras and Longerath.

The Futuronian super-culture has the common characteristics of the cultures that line the Futuronian Ocean, that might include:

  • Rule of Law,
  • Separation of powers, that is divorcing the legislative and judiciary from the government,
  • Separation of church and state,
  • Democracy in one form or another,
  • Concepts of the Rights of men and of women, and/or "Human Rights",
  • Concepts of the Freedoms; of religion, conscience and speech,
  • etc...

Futuronian doctrines evolved in the last century before the Plague, during a particularly philosophically enlightened period. Various technological and social developments had allowed Furturonian civilisation to evolve beyond feudalism and Kingdoms.

The economic transformation that accompanied this enlightenment resulted in excess capacity that allowed colonisation to commence around the globe, just in time for the plague to strike. The plague only delayed such events.

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