Flag of the society

The Geographic Society of Vexillium unites a number of national, military and scientific institutes and organisations dedicated to geography, cartography and related sciences.

Members Edit

Full MembersEdit

  • Cruisana Cartographic Council (CCC)
  • Royal Cruisana Cartographer
  • Cruisana Defense Geographic Service
  • Geographic Department, Cruisana University
  • Royal (Fenizic) Survey Office
  • Armed Forces of Feniz Mapping And Geographic Service
  • Cartographic and Geodetic Institute, Emir Dr. I'Foundpat-Role University (Feniz)
  • Fenizic Relief Forces (Staff) Geographic & Mapping Division
  • Fenizic Relief Forces (FRF Academy) Climatologic & Geographic Department
  • Fora Rifo Phosphates Co. Survey Department
  • (Lendosan) Alvare Institute - Geographic Unit - formerly The Praetorial Cartography Institute of Drinomar
  • Geographic Institute of Northern Gronk - GING Museum
  • (Porto Capital|Portocapitalian) Sociedade Histórica e Geográfica Nacional (NGHS)
  • The Somerish Board of Chartwrights (SBCW, formerly: Somerish Ordnance Survey)
  • Vingarmark's Kortagerðar-þjóðfélag
  • (BWA) Realmsacademy (ex Westrian Academy) of Maps and Flags (RAMF)
  • Utanian Cartographic Society (UCS)
  • SGI (Stervian Geographical Institute)
    also acting as liaison to the Stervian Army Cartographic Office (Secrétariat à la Guerre - Bureau des cartes)
  • Allacoan Cartography Office (ACO)

Invited to become MembersEdit

  • (Altlandic) Royal Cartographic Institute of the University of Midleburgh
  • Davenport Cartographic Bureau
  • Geographic Institute of the Republica Ensolelhada
  • Cartographical Institute of the Republica Ensolelhada
  • (Ezoan) Rega Ofcejo de Kartografio
  • G.D. of Lamb's Cove (The VexGlobe - 3D Arts & Crafts Project)
  • Cartographic Office of the (Caledonian) Interior Ministry
  • (Cimeran) Underministry of Cartography
  • Royal Aethelnian Cartographic Institute
  • (Danican) Royal Institute of Mapping and Surveying

Tasks Edit

One of the actual tasks is the collection and determination of geographic names throughout the planet, building on the results of former international working groups and continuing their work. To this end, the society has established the Provisional Panel on Geographic Names.

Links Edit

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