George II of Altland 2

George II in full regalia

George II Victor of the House of Vittorino-Montemar is the current monarch of the Kingdom of Altland and head of the Altlandic Family of Nations. Born on the 30th of July 244, he is the final male-line descendant of Jerg Augst (Georgius Augustus), the first Cruisan ruler of Altland, circa 1700BP.

George II has been reigning since his eighteenth birtdhay, on 262, following the abdication of his father, George I Amadeus, in 252, and the regency of his mother, Marie Rose Blanche of Estgorth. In 272, the king announced his intention never to marry and to return the kingdom, upon his demise, to its ancient custom of electing its monarch from among the ranking members of its several ancient provincial ruling houses.

His reign has only been interrupted by the so-called Neonesian ursupation of 297-299. George II lived in exile during this period.

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