The Golton Liberation Army (GLA) is the combined remnants of the Golton Commonwealth's Army that was scattered in Y304 when the Commonwealth was seized by forces of the Lyson Empire. Lead by General Karl Tiber and Colonel Benjamin Arla.

The GLA battled the Lyson Empire for 9 months and even forced the Empire to officially call it a civil war to the public. It did stop fighting for 3 months in May of 305 for a summit held in Hallisio, Cimera to discuss the possibilities of peace. Only at the end of the 3 months did the GLA drop it's negotiations, but later began a full scale assault on the major cities of the Empire.

The attack was short lived with Lysonian Imperial Army re-grouping and repelled the invaders who were short on Armor and heavier anti-tank weaponry. In September of 305, the official announcement that General Tiber and Colonel Orden were seized by Lysonian troops officially ended the existance of the GLA.

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