Constitution: adopted on June 26 301

Legal system: partly statutes, partly common law and practice, has judicial review of Acts of Parliament under the Constitution Act of 301;

Suffrage: 16 years of age; universal

Executive branch: Chief of state: Lord President of the High Council of Wesmerite, Sir George Bullard (Liberal Democratic Society since 301)

Head of government: Chancellor of the High Council of Wesmerite, Lady Sarah Jacobs (Liberal Democratic Society since 301)

Cabinet: Council Ministers appointed by the Lord President on recommendation of Chancellor and Parliament. List of Ministers: Minister for External Affairs John Drake, Minister of the Interior Alexander Avon-Bevin, High Lord Exchequer of the Treasury Christopher Crighton, Minister of War and Veterans Affairs Marcel Le Bretton, Minister of Justice Clementine Attlee, Minister of Culture and Assimilation Andre Mon-Le Blanc, Minister of Information Corey Abton, Minister of Sport and Recreation Dorathy Benton.

Executive Elections: The leader of the majority party or the leader of the majority coalition is usually the Chancellor, however this must be confirmed by vote in the Parliament, the Lord President is voted on by the Parliament and must have two thirds support of the House.

Election results: held June 301, Lady Sarah Jacobs formed a collation government and was voted Chancellor by the Parliament in a 201 to 188 vote. Sir George Bullard was elected by the Parliament in a vote of 286 to 3.

Legislative branch: Unicameral Parliament (389 seats; 100 members are elected by national popular vote, parties submit lists. 289 selected by traditional first past the post system in local one member ridings. Term before another election held: five years) leader: Chancellor of the High Council of Wesmerite, Lady Sarah Jacobs


Composition of House on June 27, 301.

Elections: Last held on 26 June 301 (next must be held by 26 June 306) Election results by percent of vote by party - LibD 28%, WPF 23%, Monarchist 22%, Labour 8%, Meritéan Unionist 8%, Communist 3%, NNP 2%, NC 5%, ASA 1%; By seats by party - LibD 107, WPF 88, Monarchist 85, Labour 32, Meritéan Unionist 32, Communist 12, NNP 10, NC 20, ASA 3. Note: Since the election the Monarchist Party split in 302, the Meritéan Unionist merged with the Liberal Democrats in 304 and there has been several MPs that have changed parties. The current seat distripution in the House is - LibD 159, WPF 138, Labour 32, NNP 25, NC 20, Communist 12, ASA 3.

Judicial branch: Supreme Court of Justice, The Law Lords, a body of 9 judges are appointed by the Lord President after review by Parliament.

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