Greater Tabitha
Data codes: TAB
 Capital: Tabitha
 Other: Kimhoon, Birchall, Pentcity, Freedom Lakes
Premier: TBA
Area: n/a
Population: 7,000,000 Whilandians

Greater Tabitha is a state of Whiland. Occupying most of the coastline of the two lakes of Whiland, Tabitha is a pivotal part of the history of the region. The site of many ancient battles, it was considered the gateway of the region - as control of the area guaranteed short passage around the great lakes. It is also considered the cradle of the ancient Pentian civilisation, with many historically significant ruins.

The state flag consists of traditional Gronkian colours, reflecting the city's status as the "Gateway to Gronk", and the historically significant Gronkian influence over the area. The city of Tabitha itself is culturally quite Gronkian, however, the broader region is far more tradtionally Whilandic.

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