Full nameGuwimith
Nickname(s) Eagles
Founded 299
Ground Zartlam Oil Stadium
Capacity 100,000
Chairman Toni Buros
Manager Maks Araslaneevich
League Vexillium Cup
301 1st Round
Kit left arm Kit body guwimith Kit right arm
Kit shorts
Kit socks
Home colours
Kit left arm Kit body guwimithaway Kit right arm
Kit shorts
Kit socks
Away colours


The Guwimith Eagles are the national football team of Guwimith. They have been competing internationally for the last seven years and have recently recorded their first ever wins. Coming from a relatively small nation with no footballing pedigree to speak of, the Eagles have gradually developed their skills, and there is real hope that the national team can become competitive with other nations. Playing personnel is drawn exclusively from the ever-improving G-League, as Guwimithian players are, at the moment, like their Whilandian counterparts, forbidden from playing overseas.



Official FixturesEdit

Tournament Venue (Attendance) Home Score Away
Smalik Shootout 299 II Portescura, Caboteniasa (53,000) Caboteniasa 3-3 (2-1 pens) Guwimith
Vexillium Cup 299 Henry Duraq Stadium, Eastern Zartania (68,000) San Patricio 5-0 Guwimith
Vexillium Cup 299 Planetarium Field, Eastern Zartania (70,000) Guwimith 1-1 Solelhada
Cisgronkian Cup 300 Shenhua Oval, Forde, Whiland (46,157) Guwimith 0-1 United Territories
Cisgronkian Cup 300 Gazelle Ground, Fisher, Whiland (76,572) Whiland 5-0 Guwimith
VexGames 300 Suspension Park, Bridgeway, Brolecia (40,600) Extremo 5-1 Guwimith
UOCFA Cup 300 King Bruno Stadium, Imperial City, Eastern Zartania (102,439) Eastern Zartania 3-2 Guwimith
UOCFA Cup 300 Zartlam Oil Stadium, Guwimith City, Guwimith (61,982) Guwimith 0-3 Eastern Zartania
Vexillium Cup 300 International Speedway Arena, Ayrtona, Deucoland (49,600) Caboteniasa 4-0 Guwimith
Vexillium Cup 300 International Speedway Arena, Ayrtona, Deucoland (88,000) Guwimith 0-4 Eastern Zartania
VexGames 301 Qualifier Scandlon Field, Wyannoch University, Lamb's Cove (10,100) Solanchatka 4-0 Guwimith
Vexilium Cup 301 The Wolves' Den, Wanglise, Draconia (50,400) Guwimith 0-4 Westria
Vexillium Cup 301 Carent Football Stadium, Carent, Draconia (14,900) Eastern Islands 0-0 Guwimith
Prince Saleh Cup Blackthorn Stadium, Calah Amrah, St. Samuel (100,000) Guwimith 2-0 Xochimechatl
Prince Saleh Cup Blackthorn Stadium, Calah Amrah, St. Samuel (100,000) Allacoa 4-2 Guwimith
Prince Saleh Cup Blackthorn Stadium, Calah Amrah, St. Samuel (100,000) Guwimith 3-2 The Fold
Prince Saleh Cup Blackthorn Stadium, Calah Amrah, St. Samuel (100,000) Utania 3-1 Guwimith

Current squadEdit

Number Player Position Caps Goals Club
1 GuwimithFlag Vasyenka Zbroslao GK 16 0 Guwimith United
22 GuwimithFlag Antosha Sergushka GK 2 0 Smithport
2 GuwimithFlag Donat Ontomanko (c) D/DML 17 1 Duckport
3 GuwimithFlag Cheslav Kobylets DLC 13 0 Uyenguyen
4 GuwimithFlag Yevgeniy Znaichichik DC 16 0 Smithport
5 GuwimithFlag Georgy Ostaf'i D/DMR 16 0 Oliveport
12 GuwimithFlag Olezka Vsevolozha DC 2 0 Guwimith United
13 GuwimithFlag Bohdan Fiveia D/DMC 3 0 Guwimith City
14 GuwimithFlag Pyotr Zbraslav DRC 3 0 Q'Leistport
15 GuwimithFlag Oleg Onkudinik D/DMLC 4 0 Q'Leistport
Midfielders / Wingers
6 GuwimithFlag Dimitri Znaleslav AMR 17 0 Guwimith City
7 GuwimithFlag Jermija Zarubezhanin DMC 15 0 Brazhekev
8 GuwimithFlag Jurg Kraichin MC 16 3 Guwimith United
9 GuwimithFlag Stanislav Prostokisha AMLC 17 2 Q'Leistport
16 GuwimithFlag Fadeyka Balanda MRC 6 0 Smithport
17 GuwimithFlag Shurochka Polonovsk AMR/L 3 0 Uyenguyen
18 GuwimithFlag Ruslan Koshkodai AML 4 1 Duckport
19 GuwimithFlag Foma Feodora AMC 3 0 Guwimith United
10 GuwimithFlag Slavochka Ankudinov FW 17 2 Brazhekev
11 GuwimithFlag Mark Vaboska FW 17 5 Guwimith City
20 GuwimithFlag Tomas Feodora FW 5 1 Guwimith United
21 GuwimithFlag Deniska Wienczyslawa FW 2 0 Oliveport
M GuwimithFlag Maks Araslaneevich MGR - - N/A

Former PlayersEdit

Number Player Position Caps Goals Club
3 GuwimithFlag Zhorah Grigor'eva DC 2 0 Brazhekev
13 GuwimithFlag Alexei Olezka DC 1 0 Smithport
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Guwimith Eagles
Guwimith Pre-Season Cup

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