Hə ti ƿɛMoot Nab it Tak (HMNT, litt. 'Association for the Iron Tracks of Tak') is the national railway company of Tak. It is state-owned.


When the first railroads were built in Tak under Bowdani rule in the 50s of the 2nd century, the noisy and smokey steam engines were regarded with distrust by the indigenous Tak and apart from a few railway connections in the eastern part of the country, the possibilities of railroads in Tak weren't explored for many decades. After the first electric trains made their appearance however, this view changed and in the 60s of the 3rd century the railroad network was expanded significantly throughout the country. According to some, the modern trains are far better for the environment than cars or aircraft and the latest government plans include the construction of a high speed network that should connect the country's six larger cities.

In 308 AP, after Tak unilaterally declared independence, the railroads on Tak territory that were previously owned by two Bowdani private companies were nationalised by the Tak government.

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