Haastadt (unknown eponymology) is the national capital of Rovens, located on the south eastern-most point of the country on an isthmus. It is located 8 degrees South, 68 degrees East, to the north-east of a region known as Ishrakan, in the south-east of the continent of Eras.

Haastadt is thought to sits atop a fault line between the Eras and Guwimith tectonic plates, as evidenced by a catastrophic Vexquake in 196ap that levelled the city.

The city is the national capital of Rovens, and the country's unrivalled financial capital with the country's reserve bank and all-but one bank located in the city. It is the region's second financial centre and rivals Luka in Utania. It's crowning glory was the headquartering of the VexBank in the city.

Haastadt is also the centre of Rovenian government, being the site of the National Assembly, the country's Parliament, and all other government departments. The National Assembly is located in the city's north with the glittering golden dome towering over nearby buildings.

The city is renowned by architects for its unique architectural style that successive local and national (or Imperial) governments have sought to preserve. At least half of the city's buildings are around one hundred years old, rebuilt after the catastrophic earthquake.

Haastadt is effectively located in a region that bridges Rovens' two halves that are otherwise divided by the impassable mountain range that splits the country. Therefore, Haastadt is the centre for transportation, with all rail and roads connecting with it, and the country's largest airport located on a massive portion of land reclaimed from the ocean to the city's south.

Owing to it's second-class status under the Guwimithian Empire, Haastadt has no industrial development, which was highly prized by the Imperial government and therefore allocated to the east coast Port of Olives colony. Consequently, the city is relatively free of industrial pollution, and its economy is heavily concentrated on the service industries, particularly retailing, finance, transportation and communications.

Haastadt is a dynamic and vibrant city. It has been rated as the most liberal city in Ishrakan, and it probably trumps Luka's claim to being the most cosmopolitan, with a wide variety of ethnic and cultural groups in the city, and a high degree of tolerance for diversity amongst the city's population.

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