Born in 235ap, Dr. Hans Zarkov was a Professor of Astrophysics in the prestigious Armatirion Space Agency until recently. His brilliance and keen intellect were rejected by the agency when he began investigation into a particle he claimed was being sprayed over the Vexillium as part of the Electra Mundi anti-nuclear system.

Electra Mundi sub-atomic particle beam Edit

Hans Zarkov

Dr. Hans Zarkov, the eminent astrophysicist.

Dr Zarkov theorised that Burovian and Cruisanan scientists have found a beam that utilises a sub-atomic particle beam in such intensity that it actually neutralises the chain reaction of an atomic explosion.

He theorised that the particles are attracted to the energy in the beginnings of an atomic chain reaction, and, despite being thousands of miles away, will diffuse the chain reaction before it really gets to begin. The nett result will be a heating of the atmosphere, and the conventional explosives will still explode, throwing the nuclear material outward.

However, the particles in question have short lifespans, therefore, a constant stream of them needs to be projected from satellites almost continuously.

Dr Zarkov's radical theory has been rejected by many in the scientific establishment. The particles are relatively unknown, leading to a general rejection of this theory. Despite being removed from his position at the ASA, he has devoted considerable efforts pursuing an investigation into his theory.

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