Harvey Dundeinburg
RZOEAZ driver Harvey Dundeinburg
Born TBA
Achievements Three-time race winner
Racing Series RZOEAZ
Car no., team No. 68 (Burgium Racing Syndicate)
315AP Pts Pos 30th of 114
Best Pts Finish 29th (314AP)
Last Race 315AP Mountain Peak 400
First Win 314AP Klagstein 300
Last Win 316AP Capstone Realty 250
Starts 81
Wins 3
Top-5s 11
Top-10s 17
Poles 2

Harvey Dundeinburg (born TBA) is a Samuelonian race car driver in the RZOEAZ. He currently drives the No. 68 Nadic Saqlain for Westria-based Burgium Racing Syndicate. A fairly successful Formula 2 race car driver before, he resides someplace in scenic Samuelonia, likely enjoying either pastoral or urban views, depending on what strikes his fancy day-by-day. His marital status remains unknown, though young women are reported to flock to his side whenever he makes an appearance.

Early LifeEdit

RZOEAZ CareerEdit

313AP SeasonEdit

314AP SeasonEdit

Career StatsEdit

Year Car Team Start Pole Win Top-5 Top-10 Finish
316AP #68 Nadic Saqlain Burgium Racing Syndicate 0 0 1 0 0 TBD
315AP #68 Nadic Saqlain Burgium Racing Syndicate 35 2 2 7 10 30th
314AP #68 Nadic Saqlain Burgium Racing Syndicate 31 0 1 3 4 29th
313AP #68 Nadic Saqlain Burgium Racing Syndicate 15 0 0 1 3 66th

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