How To Divide Vexillium Into Hemispheres Edit

In 301, the term "Western Hemisphere" has been discussed in the vexwide press in connection with the request of the Kingdom of Caledon for membership in the Association for Peace in the Western Hemisphere (APWH). Some geographers came to the conclusion that the Western Hemisphere must be the part of Vexillium comprising Longerath, Smalik, the Western Isles and Cruisana. This opinion was based on the device of the flag of the APWH which shows these continents and islands. It was, however, mentioned that at the time of the creation of that flag, the hemispere of the so-called New Vexillium had not yet been discovered.

Now, with the zero meridian just running between the above mentioned land masses and Eras, the land mases in question without doubt form part of the Western Hemisphere. But with the New Vexillium having been discovered in the meantime, we must take into account the land masses of that hemisphere when defining hemispheres.

Thus, if we define the Western Hemisphere as that to the west of the zero meridian, we have to count as part of it all islands and continents, or part of those, lying east of the 180° meridian.

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