The High Commission In Rosardan (HCIR) is an internationally recognized body which temporarily took over the executive power in Rosardan on May, 308 AP.

History Edit

After the sudden death of His Serene Highness Prince Devereux III end of 307 AP, a crisis broke out which threatened the stability of Rosardan and its neighbourhood. His Majesty King Edward II of Cruisana, politically and personally closely related to the deceased, installed a High Commission to prevent Rosardan of falling prey to foreign powers, and asked Feniz to join the commission.

Composition Edit

Angela Merkel SJ8 (Commons)

High Commissioner Ambassador Rosanna Merkel Emira

The HCIR consists of

  • the President, King Edward II of Cruisana
  • the High Commissioner, Ambassador Rosanna Merkel Emira (the Sultan of Feniz has not yet decided whether to send Elder Sultan W'Infri-Ed instead)

The Executive Office is manned by Fenizic civil and military officers.

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