High Samuelonia Province
Motto "Cor regis in manu Domini"
Capital Francisco
Cities Guildford, Lyonaisia, Saint Anna
Population 8,418,272
Governor Lord Matthew Camberton

High Samuelonia is one of twenty provinces of the United Federal Kingdom of Samuelonia, located centrally in Samuelonia. Francisco, the capital city of Samuelonia, is located in High Samuelonia. The provinces population currently stands at 8,418,272.

History Edit

== Law and Government

The current Governor of the High Samuelonia Province is Lord Matthew Camberton.

Geography & Climate Edit

Located in central Samuelonia, the High Samuelonia Province shares it's borders with the Saint Samoria and Correana provinces to the north, the Saint Leo, Saint Christantinus and Saint Rudolph provinces to the east and the Saint Sembus province to the south. To the west of High Samuelonia is the Dark Sea.

High Samuelonia enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate. It is at its most comfortable from April through June, and from mid-September to October, in particular, are famously known as sunny and warm days. By August, the temperature during the heat of the day often exceeds 35 °C. The average high temperature in December is about 19 °C.


Districts Edit

The High Samuelonia Province is divided into four Barony's:

  • Barony of Franciscan
  • Barony of Charlemont
  • Barony of Hamilton
  • Barony of Windhelm
  • Barony of Albertyne

Major Towns Edit


The Barony of Franciscan.

Barony of Franciscan
Shield City/Township Population
30px Francisco 3,812,400
30px Lyonaisia 256,000
30px Salantica
30px Earlsylvania 163,000
30px James Bay 83,000
30px Kings Bay 69,000
30px Saint Anna 34,000
30px Talmont
30px Bourgenay
30px Ardeinburg
30px Umberwick
30px Braeburg
30px Torrington
30px Ramondbridge
30px Canterburg
30px Oberynston
30px Kenderbrook
30px Edwynburg
30px Barynwick
30px Arlynden
Barony of Charlemont
Town Population
Charlemont 627,000
Villamoradi 23,000
Arlarino 26,000
Barony of Hamilton
Town Population
Hamilton 371,872
Guildford 306,000
Arbia Mento 28,000
Modino 62,000
Arozzotto 7,000
Barony of Windhelm
Town Population
Windhelm 645,000
Gelennberg 44,000
Santa Gonto 40,000
Atonenza 8,000
Barony of Albertyne
Town Population
Bretonium 1,217,000
Saint Hilieno 196,000
Singustia 31,000
Navetica 10,000
Caglicom 4,000

Demographics Edit

Economy Edit

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Conservation Edit

Sport and recreation Edit

The national sport of Samuelonia is soccer and enjoys it's biggest support in the High Samuelonia province. Rugby, golf and motor racing also attracts large followings. Alpine sports in the eastern region of High Samuelonia is popular with a large number of ski resorts nestled in the Black Mountains.

The Royal Francisco Motor Racing Circuit is located on the southern outskirts of Francisco and is an official venue for the Royal Motor Racing Federation of Saint Samuel F1 Championship.

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