Huttler cup

The Huttler Cup, the most prestigious prize in international rugby.

The Huttler Cup, also referred to as the Scion Huttler Cup or Huttler Trophy, is the main prize of the VRB World Cup and the most prestigious award of the Vexillium Rugby Board. The trophy is named after Scion Huttler, the first president of the VRB and the "World's biggest rugby fan". Huttler is often credited with exposing rugby to the wider world and expanding the popularity of the sport from a regional niche game to a global super sport. The trophy is silver and approximately 22 inches tall. It is strikingly plain, without ornaments or elaborate engravings, to represent the rugged, blue collar culture of rugby in many nations.

The Huttler Cup was presented to the winner of the rugby world cup in Shaelia, Westria. Mister Huttler, health permitting, was in attendance at the VRB World Cup Grand Final to present the winning nation the cup.

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