Ice hockey is a predominately winter/fall team sport played in many countries across Vexillium.

A total of 21 national ice hockey teams participated in the 302 VexGames: Whitlam, Lamb's Cove, Estontetso, Bowdani, Somery, Armatirion, Lendosan Confederation, Vingarmark, Sanx, Baben Bay, Davenport, Polaria, Morania, Seepaeyguey, Phenixia, Caboteniasa, Westria, Solanchatka, Listonian Free State and Altland.

National TeamsEdit

National teams include:

Domestic LeaguesEdit

  • The Ice Hockey Championship (Shaelic: m'Aviatau Lubefara) - commonly known as AVILU. The premier domestic ice hockey league in the Shaelia. The league consists of 14 teams, organized in a single table. All clubs play a 52-game regular season schedule (2 home and 2 road games against the 13 other teams in the table). The top eight teams in the regular season table advance to the Kolnn Cup playoffs in the Spring.
  • The Vinnish National - Hockey is one of the most popular sports in Vingarmark. The Vinnish National (Þjóðsamband Vinn) is Vingarmark's national hockey league, involves both domestic and international players. 16 teams play during the regular season in winter, and the top 8 teams go on to play in the playoffs in spring.

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