Id'S-Oylof Feniz
Founded300 AP
HeadquartersFenizabad, Feniz
PresidentHis Excellency Dr.-Engr. I'Foundpat-Role Emir
IndustryOil drillig and refining, oil-related products and logistics

Id'S-Oylof Feniz, generally referred to as OF, is the national petroleum corporation and as such the most important company of the Feniz. Its product range comprises raw and refined oil, oil-related products like pharmaceutics, fibres and fabrics including couturiers and fashion houses, and related logistic services up to webshops and ship-building.

Importance Edit

As Feniz is drawing its wealth mainly from petroleum, OF is a unique factor of power and national fate at the same time. In order to execute an appropriate public control over this company, the share holdings are distributed among several more or less well-defined public corporate entities such as the Tribes of North Feniz and the City of Fenizabad.

Several attempts to install OF as a ministry in the governmental structure of the sultanate failed due to a gigantic network of more or less contradictory interests.

History Edit

OF was founded just after the foundation of the sultanate, which itself was only enabled by the detection of petroleum in the Great Fenizic Desert.

Founder and President of OF is His Excellency Dr.-Engr. I'Foundpat-Role Emir.

Organisation of OF Holding Corporation Edit

  • OF Production Corporation (50% owned by the Tribes of North Feniz)
    • OF Consulting Corporation
      • Oil Utania (24% owned by VEXACO of Deucoland, GBR, 52% owned by the UDR Utania)
  • OF Shipping Corporation
  • OF Chemical Group
    • OF Petrochemical Corporation
    • FE-BAG Plastic Products Corporation
    • FarmaFenizLogo
      FARMAFENIZ Pharmaceutical Corporation
  • OF Textile Group (50% owned by OF Chemical)
    • OF Fibres
    • OF Fabrics
    • REMAFEN Ready-Made Clothes

The company has its headquarters and some major production facilities in Fenizabad.

Product portfolio Edit

The best-known products of OF are:

Feniz GasOFine
  • gasOFine car and aircraft fuels
  • FE-BAG plastic shopping bags
  • Products of FARMAFENIZ are prefixed FEN- or FENI-, such as:
    • pain-killer FENISPIRIN
    • the antihistamine FENISTIL [TECH: (R) in real life!]
    • psycho-drug FENIUM
    • stomach tablets FENALOX
    • mineral products KALIFEN, CALCIFEN and FENICOAL
    • vitamin products FENASCORB and VITAFEN (multi-vitamin)
    • fungicidal BATRAFEN [TECH: (R) in real life!]
  • Fenilon fibres
  • REMAFEN, a brand for high-quality ready-made clothes for women, men and children. REMAFEN employs Feniz's leading couturier, Mr. Trag'Myn-Tsoig.

All brands are VEXMARKed.

Sponsoring Edit

OF sponsors the university in Fenizabad which therefore carries the name Emir Dr. I'Foundpat-Role University.

Links Edit

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