The Imperial Defence Army of Anglyodascunya was a former military force consisting of numerous regiments from the Angliyan colonies in the New Continents.


In 244 BP Aethelstan I of Anglyodascunya dispatched his cousin, Lord Auldin Saxonberg to the Angliyan crown colony of Elsarina to govern the Kings overseas territories and to establish a defence force. The Imperial Defence Army was officially founded in 239 BP in Winstanley, Elsarina, with 20 Angliyan officers being recruited to command a force of 400 men. Of the 400 initial recruits, 156 were volunteers of Longerathian descent and the remaining 244 were Elsarinian slaves.

When Captain James Owynkurt of the East Melania Company established settlements in Nova Luxa and San Patricio, Lord Auldin commissioned the formation of the Kings Mixtuptecan Regiments and East Melanian Regiments. The Mixtuptecan Regiment was made up exclusively of Mixtuptecan slaves whilst the East Melanian Regiments were recruited from the Longerathian pioneer families, convicts, privateers and pirates.

Former regimentsEdit

  • Royal Winstanley Regiment
  • Royal Elsarina Regiment
  • Grand Malvadorias Regiment

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