The International Trade Council of Vexillium, or ITCV, is an international body which promotes and facilitates free trade around the world.

The Council consists of one representative from each member nation, each having an equal vote. The ITCV as an organisation is led by a Director-General, who is appointed by the Council. The ITCV has its headquarters in Chilangotitlan, in the TDCorp territory.

The ICTV has two primary activities — arbitration of trade disputes, and administration of international agreements. The arbitration aspect is handled by a body called the Trade Court, whose rulings are binding on all countries which wish to remain members. The four international treaties currently managed by the ITCV are the International Agreement on the Reduction of Tariffs, the International Agreement on the Reduction of Subsidies, the International Agreement on the Protection of Intellectual Property, and the International Agreement on the Freedom of Transportation — all members are encouraged, but not required, to take sign these treaties.

To join the ITCV, a country must state its commitment to the abolition of tariffs and subsidies, the protection of property rights, and the opening of transport routes. Any nation which does so can join the ITCV if it has the approval of a majority of members. Observer status also exists — observers cannot vote, but can speak if no permanent member objects.


TECH: The list below contains some nations that were still listed as ITCV member states on the ITCV website on 5 February 318 although some of them may have left years ago. Please update the list where applicable and move former member states to the section 'former member states' below.


member statesinceremarks
Allacoa Still a member?
Aros Still a member?
Brolecia Still a member?
Davenport Still a member?
Eastern Delgamia
Eastern Islands (Part of Islandia) Still a member?
Islandia Still a member?
Maryport (Ennes) Still a member?
Neoliliana (and Western Gorami) Still a member?
Sana Docetan Still a member?
San Patricio
Severnaya Still a member?
United Territories
Wang Chung ((Formerly) part of Davenport) Still a member?
Whiland Still a member?

Observer MembersEdit

observer statesinceremarks
Ansonia Still an observer member?
Begral Still an observer member?

Membership applicationsEdit

applicant statesinceremarks
Lectern of United Kencari Peoples 318 Pending ratification of the charter
Vaara 318 Pending ratification of the charter
Angliya 318 Pending ratification of the charter
Phenixia 318 Pending ratification of the charter
Samuelonia 318 Pending ratification of the charter

Former member statesEdit

stateleft sinceand why?