IVEFA flag

Official flag of the IVEFA

International Vexillium Football Association
Motto Vexillium united through football
Headquarters Francisco, Samuelonia
Membership 93 national associations
President Victor Brandenburg

The International Vexillium Football Association, commonly referred to by the the initials IVEFA, is the official governing body for Soccer/Football on the Planet Vexillium. It was founded on September 9, 298 AP, with the dissolution of FIFAV (La Fédération Internationale des Football-Associations Vexilliques), which was the pioneering organization promoting soccer on the planet, and the initial organizer of the Vexillium Cup, the premier crown of planetary soccer supremacy.

IVEFA has since assumed official responsibility over international football competition on Vexillium. In 308 AP the IVEFA saw a structural overhaul after eight years without any official competitions.

The organisation's headquarters are located in Francisco, Samuelonia, and its current president is Victor Brandenburg. IVEFA is responsible for the organization and governance of football's major international tournaments, most notably the Vexillium Cup.

IVEFA currently boasts a membership of 93 national football associations.

Format Edit

There are three continental associations which are the primary branches of IVEFA. The three continental associations are responsible for governing of football in there region.

NOVEFA Members: Edit

Awaiting confirmation: Ardyok, Joos, Novoyoakes, Ordland, Rovoyok, Stervia, Wang Chung,

ULFA Members: Edit

Awaiting confirmation: Amistat (WHI), Ancalda (DAS), Flemnhon (CRU), Iscandia (DAS), Maryport (NEO), Port Julian (WHI), Tros Iles (CM),

CEFA Members: Edit

Current Rankings Edit

See IVEFA Vexillium Rankings

IVEFA President: Edit

Victor Brandenburg

Former IVEFA Presidents: Edit

IVEFA Presidents
Duration President Nationality
313 Victor Brandenburg StSamuelFlag St. Samuel
302-313 Sir Leonardo Montasenna StSamuelFlag St. Samuel
299-302 Baldriarch K. Kickins Westria Westria

IVEFA Ranking Edit

International Competitions Edit

The Vexillium Cup Edit

The Vexillium Cup is an international football competition contested by the men's national teams of the members of the International Vexillium Football Association. The first Vexillium Cup was held in 298 in Cruisana and Davenport.

Copa Vexanova Edit

Copa Vexanova
Year Host Winners Runners-Up 3rd Place
308 Porto Capital Allacoa Westria Ordland
299 Ordland Westria Lexicon Islands Bowdani/Ordland

309 -

Copa Vexanova Porto Capital 308

Longerath Cup of Nations Edit

Longerath Cup of Nations
Year Host Winners Runners-Up 3rd Place
308 Solanchatka Draconia St. Samuel Feniz

Host Bids

309 -

Longerath Cup of Nations Solanchatka 308

Union of Eras Cup Edit

The Union of Eras Cup was preceded in 300 by the UOCFA Cup, under the auspices of the Union of Old Continent Football Associations (UOCFA), headquartered in Gough, Whiland.

Union of Eras Cup
Year Host Winners Runners-Up 3rd Place
308 Lysonia Lysonia Peoples Republic of Gronk Somery
300 Home-Away Eastern Zartania Whiland Namuria

309 -

Union of Eras Cup Lysonia 308

Cup of Champions Edit

The Cup of Champions is an annual event, for national teams, contested by the confederation champions (NOVEFA, ULFA and CEFA), the winner, runners-up and third placed team of the Vexillium Cup and a host nation which brings the number of teams to ten.

Cup of Champions
Year Host Winners Runners-Up 3rd Place
308 Cruisana Utania Westria Somery

Cup of Champions '09 Edit

  • Host Nation:
  • Vexillium Cup Champions:
  • Vexillium Cup Runners-up:
  • Vexillium Cup 3rd placed:
  • Union of Eras Cup Champions:
  • Union of Eras Cup Runners-up:
  • Copa Vexanova Champions:
  • Copa Vexanova Runners-up:
  • Longerath Cup of Nations Champions:
  • Longerath Cup of Nations Runners-up:

309 -

Cup of Champions - Cruisana 308

Other Competitions Edit

International Club CompetitionsEdit

Hall of Champions: Edit

Last updated: June 1, 308

  • 300 Vexillium Cup Champions: Westria
  • 299 Vexillium Cup Champions: Whitlam
  • 298 Vexillium Cup Champions: Christiana
  • 299 IVEFA Masters Champions: Eastern Zartania
  • Current IVEFA Titleholders: Westermarc
  • 301 VexGames Gold Medalists: Draconia
  • 300 VexGames Gold Medalists: Brolecia
  • 299 VexGames Gold Medalists: Brolecia
  • 308 Union of Eras Cup Champions: Lysonia
  • 300 UOCFA Cup Champions: Eastern Zartania
  • 300 Copa Vexanova Champions: Westria
  • 299 Copa Vexanova Champions: Westria
  • 300 Copa Burovia Champions: Westria
  • 299 Copa Melania Champions: Brolecia
  • 298 WHCON Champions: Dascunya
  • 300 Tom Koh Trophy Champions: Whitlam
  • 299 Tom Koh Trophy Campions: Eastern Zartania
  • 298 Tom Koh Trophy Campions: Eastern Zartania
  • 299 Smalik Shootout I Champions: Christiana
  • 299 Smalik Shootout II Champions: Lendosan Federation
  • 305 Empire Cup Champions: Western Zartania
  • 302 Empire Cup Champions: Eastern Zartania
  • 300 Empire Cup Champions: Eastern Zartania
  • 300 Realmscup Champions: Racing Club Montroy (WES)
  • 301 Realmscup Champions: Omegans CFC Kimichouko (WMC)

Soccer Links of Vexillium: Edit

(adapted from the official IVEFA homepage)

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