Iparalaspuki in traditional dress


Iparalaspuki ships around 2 AP

The Iparalaspuqui (Iparalaspuki, I'Para Lass-Puki) are a people from the Asteri peninsula in southwestern Armatirion. Different fractions live in Feniz, San Patricio, Mestonia Park and in Porto Capital now.

History Edit

The Gronkian empire began moving south in around 130 BP, and when, just after the Plague, this conquest reached Rimlah, the Iparalaspuki moved out.

They sailed towards Estontesto first, where the emperor offered them to settle on land depopulated by the Plague. They arrived in 2AP and founded several cities in modern Feniz, like Qu'Wa-It and I'Paris Lass-Ziff, modern Fenizabad. Under later Phenixian rule, the peoples of Northern Phenixia (Feniz proper) came to be culturally united; the Iparalaspuqui had definitely taken over the role of lead culture in the "Northern Phenixian ethnic group".

In 40AP, the Mauretanians, a subdivision of the Iparalaspuqui, invaded the northern parts of the continent of Melania, founding the Mauretanian Empire in 70AP. Groups related to the Mauretanians include the nomadic Mahlik of San Patricio and the Djouf of Mestonia.

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