Isadora is a city in the Minbarrium Emirate, in the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel. It is the administrative capital and largest city in the Emirate with a population of 319,500. The city is located in northern Eslamsahar County, on the banks of the Majar River and the Dosaha River.


The site of the modern day city was chosen on the banks of the Majar River and Dosaha, for it's good defensive position. At around 2954BP a minor rebellion by the Minbarri tribes led the Correanian's to send Emmy-Sa Isadora, a legendary General with a large army to quell the uprisings. The Correanian's built a number of well defended outposts, to keep there supply lines safe. Isadora was originally named Egar Lunn (River City).

The small outpost soon grew into a town with many of the armies camp followers choosing to remain in Egar Lunn. Emmy-Sa Isadora chose the town as his main base, as it was the easiest to defend. Emmy-Sa chose his son, Ibra-Sa Isadora to rule the town and it soon became known by its residents as Isadora Lunn.

When Dagur Orabi, a Cruisian Monk, arrived in Isadora to spread the word of Cruis, in 1380BP, Isadora was a huge sprawling fortress city. The fertile lands around the city had seen the city become a wealthy city with trade booming. Dagur Orabi founded the Church of Isadora and spent many years in the city. Cruisianity became instrumental to the growth of the city once the ruling elite had embraced Cruis.

When Mounism began to spread across St. Samuel in 1090BP, the main religion in Minbarrium changed to Mounism. However, the city of Isadora remained a Cruisian stronghold with religious scholars firmly rooted in the ruling powers in the city. With the spread of Mounism in the province, Isadora prospered, with the Cruisian Isadorian merchants seen as honest and safe people to do business with.

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