John Couto pictured in 301AP

John Aleixande Couto is a retired open-wheel racing driver from Ordland, who used to be active for the Orca (OrdCar) team in ICARA. Couto won an ICARA race during the 300AP Mini-Series and was in contention for the Mini-Series title. His racing career was tragically cut short during the 301AP ICARA season when a horrific accident caused extensive leg injuries that would require amputation in a successful attempt to save his life. He would be replaced by Anton Echevarria at Orca for the remainder of the 301AP season.

Couto would rebound in life and begin a successful career as hand-bike racer that earned him several international championships, and he remains active as an athlete and activist.

Career StatsEdit

Year # Team Ent Win Pol MLL Pod Finish
301AP 4 Orca (OrdCar) 24 0 0 0 1 28th
300AP 4 Orca (OrdCar) 3 1 1 0 1 4th