Juan-Miguel Wolfganger

305AP and 312AP Ayrtona 500 Champion Juan-Miguel Wolfganger

Born May 6, 280AP in Ottana, the Deucolands
Achievements 304AP & 312AP Ayrtona 500 Champion, 312AP ICARA Champion
Racing Series ICARA RZOEAZ
Teams Raced Rolfe, Schnysna, Veron

Juan-Miguel Wolfganger is an open-wheel racing driver hailing from the Deucolands. He holds dual citizenship of Westria and the Deucolands, and has at times been listed as a Westrian driver.

Wolfganger is considered one of the most successful drivers in ICARA history, having won the famed Ayrtona 500 twice, in 304AP and 312AP, and having won the ICARA World Championship title in 312AP as well.

ICARA Career Edit

303AP Season: Debut with Rolfe Edit

Wolfganger was a member of the Schnysna Junior Program, but was placed with the newly configured Rolfe team (who had just taken over the Hall-Ventego team for the 303AP season) for his debut season in ICARA, after spending a few years with mixed success in the lower racing series. The rookie impressed with two podium finishes.

304AP to 310 Seasons: The Schnysna Years Edit

After his impressive rookie season, Wolfganger was re-appropriated as Schnysna driver in the werks team, becoming a fixture in the familiar #4 car, and quickly establishing himself as one of the series' premier drivers, and a perpetual challenger for the championship title. 304AP also marked his first great success, winning the Ayrtona 500 in his first attempt with Schnysna.

311AP Season: Return to Rolfe Edit

Not having been able to score the ultimate success of winning the ICARA Championship title, Wolfganger decided it was time for a change of scenario, and re-joined the Deuco Rolfe team, despite a generous counter-offer from Schnysna.

312AP to 314AP: Success & Frust at Rolfe Edit

Wolfganger's years at Rolfe were marked by great success, including winning the 312AP Ayrtona 500, his second title, and the 312AP ICARA Championship in a countback, having tied five other drivers on points. Wolfganger's 4 wins gave him the edge over Romilly Elgin, Jacques Taniai, Holice Demarca and Jonathan Bregenza, who all had to settle for the Vice-Championship title.

Fortunes began to decline for Wolfganger at Rolfe, with an unusually high incidence of technical defects, preventing his title defense in 313AP, and marring his challenge for another title in 314AP.

315AP Season: Surprise Move to Veron Edit

A hugely frustrating first half of the 314AP season, marred by numerous technical defects, prompted Wolfganger to look around for another opportunity, which came in the shape of an offer from Zartanian team Veron, who were looking for an experienced driver to partner their young talent Zoltar Clemént. Wolfganger's late departure left the Rolfe team in a bit of a scramble, without a real star driver to lead them in the 315AP season. Rolfe would decide to scale back their ICARA involvement for the 316AP season, closing down the factory team, and staying on as a drive train supplier to team Alanis only.

Career StatsEdit

Year # Team Ent Win Pol MLL Pod Finish
316AP 14 Veron 48 3 3 2 7 6th
315AP 14 Veron 46 3 6 8 5 6th
314AP 22 Rolfe 46 1 4 6 8 10th
313AP 1 Rolfe 19 2 3 3 4 3rd
312AP 22 Rolfe 26 4 4 10 5 1st
311AP 22 Rolfe 36 2 2 3 4 15th
310AP 4 Schnysna 36 2 6 4 4 5th
309AP 4 Schnysna 30 3 2 7 3 7th
308AP 4 Schnysna 30 1 1 1 2 15th
307AP 4 Schnysna 30 1 3 3 5 7th
306AP 4 Schnysna 30 2 3 4 5 3rd
305AP 4 Schnysna 30 1 2 3 3 7th
304AP 4 Schnysna 28 2 3 5 6 5th
303AP 33 Rolfe 28 0 1 3 2 11th

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