Kingdom of Aldina
Conventional short name:
 Local: Aldina
 Ingallish: Kingdom of Aldina
 Official: Ingallish
 Others: Lillian
 Capital: TBC
 Other: TBC
Government type: monarchy
Established: 1900BP
Succeeded by: 25px Kingdom of Lagod

The Kingdom of Aldina was a medieval and early modern kingdom in the Angliyan region, corresponding to the modern-day State of Aldina, in Angliya.


Prior to the Lillian invasions of Angliya, around 1900 BP, the region of Aldina was divided by a number of tribes. Hendowa, united the Aldenese tribes and then received further support and followers from other Angal tribes. Hendowa was crowned King of Aldina in 1906 BP, but spent the majority of his reign fighting the Lilian Empire. Upon the death of Hendowa, around 1888 BP, fighting between the Aldenese tribes, nearly saw the region collapse and fall into the hands of Liliana.

Eventually, after much fighting, the tribes were once again united under Olvard, who prevailed, largely thanks to his skills on the batt field and fearsome reputation.

Olvard kept the various Aldenese tribes at peace, by sending them on raids into Liliana. The Aldenese captured thousands of prisoners on these raids and would then be marched back to Aldina and sent to the mines or various building projects.

King Olvard founded the settlement of Erdillia which became the seat of power for Aldenese royalty for hundreds of years. Hundreds of salves were set to building the defences of Erdillia, with large mud walls protecting the settlement and later a deep ditch surrounding the walls was flooded.

When Agonmir, son of Olvard, became King after the death if his father, he set about establishing relations with the Lilian Empire. The young King quickly proved himself to be a capable and efficient King, with the Kingdom prospering during his reign. Trade flourished and throughout Aldina and villages and farmsteads grew. He introduced a set tax system which was fair for the peasant population.

Agonmir's reign was a peaceful era with relatively few wars fought.

Former Kings of AldinaEdit

House of HendowaEdit

  • Hendowa, 1906 BP - 1888 BP

House of OlvardEdit

  • Olvard, 1888 BP - 1865 BP
  • Agonmir, 1865BP - 1803 BP

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