The Kingdom of Arendelle was an early Angal Kingdom located in north-east Angliya.


Lilian foundingEdit

The region was originally settled by Lilian traders who established the settlement of Arvenium (Aranvale) and a number of trade posts. Whilst the region never came under control of the Lilian Empire, the independent Lilian settlements became important points of the Lilian trade route. The coastal settlement of Aradecia (Arendelle) was established a few years after Aranvale and became another important trade centre.

It was established as the Kingdom of Arendelle in 1496 BP when a Lagodian prince moved to the region. Prince Halvian of Balion, was the second son of King Gethmere of Lagod and as such, would not inherit his fathers lands. He arrived in Arendelle with an army unopposed and the Lilian nobles reluctantly accepted Halvian as King of Arendelle.

Ingallish migrationsEdit

Between 1400 and 1300 BP, the region saw large scale Ingallish migrations. From around 1360 BP the region was affected by Ingallish raiders along the coast and later an invasion led by Renley Andermere. In 1335 BP, King Taldian joined with King Logan II of Eldermere in an unsuccessful attempt to repel the Ingallish invaders.

Kings of ArendelleEdit

House of BalionEdit

  • Halvian, 1496 BP - 1464 BP
  • Genden, 1464 BP - 1457 BP
  • Anduvere, 1457 BP - 1415 BP
  • Hunda, 1415 BP - 1401 BP
  • Gellion, 1401 BP - 1377 BP
  • Egion, 1377 BP - 1376 BP

House MalgionEdit

  • Orlgwyn, 1377 BP - 1341 BP
  • Taldian, 1341 BP - 1317 BP
  • Nalvwyn, 1317 BP - 1306 BP

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