Kings of Samuelonia Edit

House of GellantaraEdit

House of Fernandino Edit

House of Vintini-Amiobia Edit

Samuelus Holdanus V 2222BP Sembus Holdanus 2200BP Omar Holdanus II 2174BP Quintus Holdanus IV 2170BP Samuelus Holdanus VI 2146BP Leo Holdanus II 2129BP Tiberius Holdanus IV 2103BP Brutus Holdanus 2088BP Stephanus Holdanus II 2085BP Leo Holdanus III 2085BP Marcus Holdanus 2077BP Marius Holdanus 2047BP Quintus Holdanus V 2046BP Samuelus Holdanus VII 2021BP Maximus I Holdanus 2014BP

House of Scholarius-SaxEdit

  • Justinian 1544 - 1502 BP
  • Argon 1502 - 1483 BP
  • Jordian 1483 - 1458 BP
  • Solomon 1458 - 1441 BP
  • Ludonis 1441 - 1417 BP
  • Marconicas 1417 - 1399 BP

House of BallanburgEdit

House of Gloria-Hendia Edit

House of Vella-AnsorgardioEdit

Princes of the Principality of SamueloniaEdit

House of AnsorgardioEdit


Francisco VI 416BP-403BP Ferdinand I 403BP-376BP Louis I 376BP-347BP Leo VIII 347BP-340BP Leo IX 340BP-327BP George I 327BP-305BP Francisco VII 305BP-291BP Augustus IV 291BP-273BP Leo X 273BP-269BP Ferdinand II 269BP-257BP

House of De Amarr Edit

The House of De Amarr, 257BP - current date
Monarch Reigned Marriages
Leo XI 257BP-224BP
Omar VI 224BP-205BP
George II 205BP-169BP
Nicholias IV 169BP-157BP

Kings of SamueloniaEdit

The House of De Amarr, 257BP - current date
Monarch Reigned Marriages
Francisco VII 157BP-110BP
Christantinus III 110BP-95BP
Leo XII 95BP-68BP
Nicholias V 68BP-37BP
Louis II 37BP-4AP
George III 4AP-56AP
Eduardo I 56AP-94AP
George IV 94AP-153AP Dina
Leo XIII of Samuelonia 153AP-184AP Isabella
Louis III of Samuelonia 184AP-246AP Maria
Christantinus IV of Samuelonia 246AP - 308AP Francisca (5 children)
Omar VII of Samuelonia 308AP - 315 Salmia (4 children)
Leo XIV of Samuelonia 315 AP -

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