The Kylos or Kyland Confederacy, is a name given by historians to a group of indigenous peoples of what is now the Redlands of St. Samuel (Saint Maximus, Saint Rudolph, Saint Christantinus, Saint Leo and Saint Augustus). The Samuelonians referred to their territory as Kyland. The Kylos were bitter enemies of Samuelonia for nearly 3000 years and were finally defeated in 1116BP by King Zionidus of St. Samuel

The Kylos Confederacy was a loose coalition of around 400 warrior tribes. Samuelonian legend tells the story of Sallus uniting the Kylos tribes to launch an invasion on Samuelonia around 4000BP. Most of what is known of the pre-3400BP Kylonian tribes comes from Samuelonia scholars and therefore unbiased information may be difficult to discover.


4000BP - 3500BPEdit

3500BP - 3000BPEdit

3000BP - 2500BPEdit

2500BP - 2000BPEdit

2000BP - 1116BPEdit

  • 1130BP-1116BP - The Kyland Crusade

Kylos TribesEdit

Northern Kyland TribesEdit

Ban Dogar TribesEdit

The Ban Dogar established themselves in Northern Kyland and were amongst the most developed of the Kylos tribes. They numbered some 230 villages, which consisted of mud and wood built structures.

Sin Gazi TribesEdit

The Sin Gazi were the northern most tribe and numbered around 50 tribes. They were renowned for there under ground cave villages.

Wai Kine TribesEdit

The Wai Kine, also known as the Tree Swellers, numbered around 20 tribes. There villages were constructed high up in trees.

Eastern Kyland TribesEdit

Dál ZonjiEdit

The Dál Zonji numbered some 100 tribes located in Eastern Kyland. They lived in small villages and its people were famous for there full tribal body tattoos.

Central Kyland TribesEdit

Ami'Karai TribesEdit

The Ami'Karai people were a culture of nomadic warriors in the central Kyland plains famed for their horse riding and mounted warfare. They ranged across the vast grasslands in central Kyland in around 100 sub-tribes. The Ami'Karai were large people with dark toned skin.

The Rivermen TribesEdit

The Rivermen peoples were around 20 tribes of river dwelling groups. Their villages were generally constructed on stilts in rivers and lakes.

Mountain Kyland TribesEdit

Gan Durga TribesEdit

The Gan Durga peoples were the most feared peoples of Kylos. Around 200 villages, established at the bottom of the Black Mountain ranges. They were famed for being large, aggressive warriors.

Avokini TribesEdit

The Avokini tribes consisted of around 100 villages set around the Black Mountains. The Avokini were a hardy folk, living in the harsh conditions of the cold mountain ranges.

Southern Kyland TribesEdit

Kunzi TribesEdit

The Kunzi were a group of around 80 cannilbalistic tribes that inhabited caves in Southern Kyland. The numerous Kunzi tribes were constantly warring amongst each other.

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