Kyriakos Islands
Administrative Capital Lanisburg
Population 1,828,000

Isle of Kyriakos and the Isle of Kleithos are islands of the United Federal Kingdom of St. Samuel, located in the Dark Sea and are known as the Kyriakos Islands.

The Isle of Kyriakos is the largest island of St. Samuel and is seperated from the Isle of Kleithos by the Helannica Strait.


The islands were first settled by the Aystirians of Lendosa around 4000BP. Contact with there homeland in Aystir was limited and over time lost altogether. The settlers however prospered thanks to the islands fertile lands. The settlers came to worship two God's, Kyriakos and Kleithos, who they believed were the land itself. Sacrifices to the God's were commonplace, with food often buried in the ground to honor the God's.

The early settlers of the islands prospered and a number of villages were established on both islands. The settlers became known as the Kyriatans and by 2500BP were a strong union of towns and villages, numbering around 30,000 inhabitants. The Kyriatans were organised into family clans and were answerable to the Holy Council of Elders.

Major CitiesEdit

  • Atalantica Heights 324,000
  • Lanisburg 313,000
  • San Dariana 84,000
  • Palianna Bay 54,000
  • Baymouth 282,000
  • Darwinsburg 297,000
  • Fort Fitzwilliam 147,000
  • Pembroke Bay 86,000
  • St Edmunds 102,000
  • Gonville 32,000
  • Maryport 107,000
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