Land Gaerdlisches Tal
Gaerdliches Tal arms
Gaerdliches Tal flag
Motto Wilhelmus Rex Me Facit Anno Domine CCCV
Capital Schloss Wilhelm
Population (305) xxxxxxx (Ranked xxnd)
  - Density xxx /km²
Area xxxx km² (Ranked xnd)
Highest point unknown xxxx m
Joined 305
Abbreviation LG
Languages Jerman
Executive Landesregierung (x)
Legislative Canton Parliament (xxx)
Municipalities 18 municipalities
Senate Seats xx seats
Gaerdlisches tal

Gardlian Valley (Official name: Land Gaerdlisches Tal) is one of 23 cantons (member state) of Aethelnia. it's state capital is Schloss Wilhelm


Name Edit

The Gardlian Valley, as it is known in Ingallish language, is named after the cultural (i.e. ethnic) group which lives there, the Gardlies. The Gardlies can be found scattered across Longerath.


The Gardlies were not recognized as a cultural group in Aethelnia till year 305, when King WILLIAM XVII recognized them, sparking the kingdom's transformation from provinces into semi-autonomous canton states.

During years 301-305, the territory of nowadays Land Gaerdlisches Tal was divided between 3 (now defunct) Aethelnian provinces: Hochlandien, Valle d'Aine and Rosenburg-Bad Doberin.

Prior to 301, at some point in it's history, present-day Gaerdliches-Tal, was divided in the (now-defunct) duchy of Prunkland, duchy of Faltland, duchy d'Aine, duchy of Bad Doberin, all nominally dependent to the Aethelnian Crown, but de facto sovereign within their borders.

The building of Schloss Wilhelm (Ingallish: Fortress William) and namesake of the state capital, by the kings of Aethelnia, and the subsequent garrisoning of royal troops there, soon saw an end to the freedoms of aformentioned duchies.


In gratitude for King William's 305 Act of Recognization, the canton Land Gaerdliches Tal uses the coat of arms of the Winsomme family. It's Lilliani-language motto reads Wilhelmus Rex Me Facit Anno Domine CCCV, which translates into Ingallish as: King William (Hath) Made Me In the Year of Our Lord 305.

The arms were bequethed in July 312 to the canton by Royal Decree. The arms were designed by the College of Arms of Aethelnia.

Geography Edit

Murus Mountains

Education Edit


Transportation Edit


Administration Edit




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