Land Battenburg
Land Battenburg arms
Land Battenburg flag
Motto Der Hoelle Rache kocht in meinem Herzen
Capital Stadt Battenburg
Population (305) xxxxxxx (Ranked xxnd)
  - Density xxx /km²
Area xxxx km² (Ranked xnd)
Highest point unknown xxxx m
Joined 305
Abbreviation LB
Languages Jerman
Executive Landesregierung (x)
Legislative Canton Parliament (xxx)
Municipalities 16 municipalities
Senate Seats xx seats
Battenburg canton

Battenburg (Official name: Land Battenburg) is a canton (member state) of Aethelnia. it's state capital is Stadt Battenburg


Name Edit

Land Battenburg was named after the most important town in the canton, it's namesake and state capitol Stadt Battenburg.


During period 301-305, Land Battenburg was an Aethelnian province, named Merliner Tal. During an earlier period of history, the territory of Merliner Tal was controlled by the important, port town of Merlinburgh, which sought to extract cheap raw materials from the Murus Mountains for export overseas, and to control the important mountain pass into Angliyaa.


The arms were bequethed in July 312 to the canton by Royal Decree. The arms were designed by the College of Arms of Aethelnia.

Land Battenburg incorporates the gold key of Merlinburgh's coat of arms on it's own shield, due to their shared history.

Geography Edit

Murus Mountains

Education Edit


Transportation Edit


Administration Edit




Sightseeing Edit


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