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Here you will find information about the various languages - and their main dialects and alternative names - spoken around the Vex.

Futuronian languagesEdit

Aracimric languagesEdit

Gardlian (proto-Westrijan) languagesEdit

Liliance languagesEdit

Kralian languagesEdit

Mystgallian languagesEdit

Sjomanian languagesEdit

Proto-Chungese languagesEdit

Chungese in itself is not a single language, but a collection thereof. Therefore, this group reflects the wider language group, those related to the origins of Chungese.

Remotely or allegedly related:

  • Utameyas (It was recently theorised by Utanian linguists that Utameyas is linked to some form of proto-xipangi language, but remains controversial. Others call Utameyas an isolated language.)

Central Erassian languagesEdit

Colophan languagesEdit

Erassian isolated languagesEdit

Mari'im languagesEdit

Mezo languagesEdit

Nume languagesEdit

Rimlan languagesEdit

Tawhitoan languagesEdit

Shalaise languagesEdit

Isolate languagesEdit

  • Kha
  • Plic Small enclave of unknown language origin in Kalesthesia
  • Sakerik Small enclave of unknown language origin in eastern Kasvria (Kasvria & Savarai)
  • Tak The official language of the Free States of Tak
  • Utameyas

To be sortedEdit

  • Extremish <of Terra Extremis, the Draconian territory bordering Somery and Wesmerité>

See alsoEdit

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