Here you will find information about the various languages - and their main dialects and alternative names - spoken around the Vex.

Futuronian languagesEdit

Aracimric languagesEdit

Gardlian (proto-Westrijan) languagesEdit

Liliance languagesEdit

Kralian languagesEdit

Mystgallian languagesEdit

Sjomanian languagesEdit

Proto-Chungese languagesEdit

Chungese in itself is not a single language, but a collection thereof. Therefore, this group reflects the wider language group, those related to the origins of Chungese.

Remotely or allegedly related:

  • Utameyas (It was recently theorised by Utanian linguists that Utameyas is linked to some form of proto-xipangi language, but remains controversial. Others call Utameyas an isolated language.)

Central Erassian languagesEdit

Colophan languagesEdit

Erassian isolated languagesEdit

Karian languagesEdit

  • Kencari
    • Coastal Kencari
    • Lake Kencari
    • White Kencari
  • Pocari
    • North-Pocari
    • South-Pocari
  • Coare

Mari'im languagesEdit

Mezo languagesEdit

Nume languagesEdit

Rimlan languagesEdit

Tawhitoan languagesEdit

Shalaise languagesEdit

Isolate languagesEdit

To be sortedEdit

  • Extremish <of Terra Extremis, the Draconian territory bordering Somery and Wesmerité>

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