Lavender Isles
Administrative Capital Ronningham
Population 82,000

The Lavender Islands is a group of islands, located in the Dark Sea, situated in the Omara Bay in the north west of Samuelonia. The islands are three miles from the west coast of Dascunya, five miles from the north east coast of Zartanian Angliyaa and eight miles from the north coast of Samuelonia. The Lavender Isles includes two smaller islands, Monquentina, which lies to the south west and Eldorian to the south east of Lavender Island.

History Edit

The first settled communities of the Lavender Isles was Jandemine tribes poeople around 3900 BP. Prior to Liliani occupation the islands were known as the Duchy of Uestania, with a population of around 20,000. Upon the decline of the Liliani Empire, the Duchy of Uestania re-emmerged.

The Duchy of Uestania remained independent from the great empires in Longerath history. Uestania became embroiled in the Longerathian Wars when it was occupied for a brief period by the Anglodascunya Empire.

Politics Edit

Geography Edit

Lavender Island Edit

Monquentina Edit

Eldorian Edit

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