The Lega Nazionaļ (Ingallish: National League) is Porto Capital's football tournment. The term Lega Nazionaļ - or its short form Ļa Lega - is used to reffer either to the whole football league pyramid system, or to its top division alone - Lega Nazionaļ 1.

For info and results on the current season, see Lega Nazionaļ 309.


Football leagues had existed in former Mauretania, and also in Brolecia and in the People's Republic of Extremo. With the coming of Porto Capital, however, a football league took too long to appear. To fill this void, several minor state and local leagues appeared - such as the Bajapez State Championship, the Metropolitan Cup, the Mountain Trophy or the Oran Mounist Cup. In 303, talks started regarding the merging of all these leagues and creation of a national league system.

This would only come to an end on 308. The reason for the delay was regarding who would go to the top and lower divisions of the new Lega Nazionall. After several methods were devised, league chairmans finally agreed on a ranking system devised by the Ministry of Sports.

Previous editionsEdit

The PyramidEdit

The Lega Nazionaļ System, also known as the Portocapitalian Football Pyramid, is a series of interconnected leagues, in a hierarchical format with promotion and relegation between leagues at different levels. Clubs that are successful in their division can rise higher in the pyramid, whilst those that finish at the bottom can find themselves sinking further down.

The top three levels contain one division each - Lega Nazionaļ 1, Lega Nazionaļ 2 and Lega Nazionaļ 3. The winner of Lega 1 is considered the Portocapitalian Champion for that year. The bottom two teams of Lega 1 are relegated to Lega 2, while the winner and the runner-up of Lega 2 advance to next year's Lega 1. The bottom two in Lega 2 go down to Lega 3, while the top two in Lega 3 go to Lega 2.

Below Lega Nazionaļ 3, there are the three State Leagues - Ştatolega Bajapez, Ştatolega Guetaso and Ştatolega Extremo, all with divisions 1, 2 and 3. On Lega Nazionaļ 3, the bottom two teams from each state are relegated to their Ştatolega 1. The State Leagues, in turn, have individual accords for promotion and relegation with the amateur and semi-pro leagues of Porto Capital's sixteen Cerimonial Districts, who also have links with the more amateur college and local leagues.

Level 1 Lega Nazionaļ 1
Level 2 Lega Nazionaļ 2
Level 3 Lega Nazionaļ 3
Level 4 Ştatolega Bajapez 1 Ştatolega Guetaso 1 Ştatolega Extremo 1
Level 5 Ştatolega Bajapez 2 Ştatolega Guetaso 2 Ştatolega Extremo 2
Level 6 Ştatolega Bajapez 3 Ştatolega Guetaso 3 Ştatolega Extremo 3
Level 7 The Sixteen Cerimonial Counties Leagues 1
Level 8 The Sixteen Cerimonial Counties Leagues 2
Level 9 The Sixteen Cerimonial Counties Leagues 3
Level 10
and beyond
Various Amateur and Semi-Pro Local Leagues

Lega-Logo-02 Lega NazionaļCurrent Season: 309Past Seasons: 308

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Ştatolega Extremo: BaasqaÇanaquletriEtsimuúlExtreemaLesoomoçMantsuráFocaOlliiPetytooPiqaçuuTemoteéTime 304
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