La Republica Libera da Lendia
Free Republic of Lendia
Conventional short name:
 Local: Lendia
 Ingallish: Lendia
 Official: Lendian
 Others: Teldian, Rabeli
 Capital: Gloria Libertatis
 Other: Zolariza, Riva, Tiano, Frezone
First Councillor: Septima Coriana
Area: 646,004 km²
Population: 74,600,000 Lendians

The Free Republic of Lendia (Lendian: La Republica Libera da Lendia) is the largest and most developed member of the Lendosan Confederation. It occupies an island to the west of Longerath.


Lendia is part of the Lendosan Confederation, a union of six separate nations. As such, much of its government is conducted by Confederate authorities. Members of the Confederation do, however, retain their own separate governments for certain matters — Lendia's internal government a democratic republic. Lendia's head of state is called the First Councillor.

All political parties which contest Confederate elections are also active in Lendian internal politics. There are also a number of regionalist parties which contest Lendian elections in order to advance the interests of their specific part of the country — none currently hold seats in the Lendian Council, however.

Administrative DivisionsEdit

Lendia is divided into seven regions.

Flag Region Governor Population Area Capital
Flag-laltaLaltaAluro Esperez22.5 million93,128 km²Tiano
Flag-neoniaNeoniaVerencio Atamaro13.9 million108,374 km²Zolariza
Flag-rivaniaRivaniaLucinda Silveza13.3 million122,492 km²Riva
Flag-aspaliaAspaliaQuio Baco10.9 million93,403 km²Savaboda
Flag-melhoriaMelhoriaCurazona Calda8.4 million113,960 km²Lisaria
Flag-avrisAvrisCarlo Telmarino3.0 million63,654 km²Lera
Flag-xoxinaXoxinaNuvaro Mantiano2.7 million48,243 km²Ascana


(To be completed)


Lendia is an island state, with its only border being with the enclave of Kunn Fedoron. It is the northern of Lendosa's two main islands, the other being Lendia's "twin", Piolsa. The island of Lendia has a mountainous interior, and most of the population is concentrated on or near the coast.

The largest city in Lendia (and in the whole of Lendosa) is Gloria Libertatis, the Lendian capital. Other notable cities include Zolariza, Riva, Tiano, Frezone, Lisaria, and Savaboda.


The population of Lendia currently stands at slightly over seventy million. The majority of these people are ethnically Lendian, with immigrant groups making up most of the remainder.

National SymbolsEdit

The flag of Lendia consists of a blue field and a centred white disc which contains a symbol known as the Star of Lendia. The Star of Lendia is a black eight-pointed star with a yellow octogon superimposed in its centre. The flag was originally used by the Kingdom of Lendia, the first state to lay claim (albeit unsuccessfully) to the entire island.



The official language of Lendia is, naturally enough, Lendian. Teldian, a related language spoken in the island's central mountains, is also spoken as a first language, and in those parts of northwestern Lendia where there is a large Rabeli population, the Rabeli language is also found.


Cruisans are the largest religious group in Lendia, and the Papaist Church is based in the city of Gloria Libertatis. The Larist faith, while found all over Lendosa, is particularly strong in Lendia, especially the northwest. Veldanism is also common, although does not have a majority anywhere in Lendia.

Flag-lendosa   Administrative Divisions of the Lendosan Confederation   Flag-lendosa
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