The Lendian Pope is the head of the Papaist Church, based in Lendia. Papaists generally refer to their leader merely as "the Pope", but others often add the word "Lendian" to distinguish the office from that of the Archbishop of Cruishaven, who is sometimes also referred to as Pope.

The Lendian Pope is chosen upon the death or abdication of the previous holder of the office. He is elected by a Conclave of the Papaist Church's cardinals, who deliberate in secret. The Pope resides in the city of Gloria Libertatis, in a precinct overlooking the Old City from the hills of Las Rochas.

Previous popesEdit

According to the official list, there have been two hundred and ten Popes before the present holder of the office, although not all of them were referred to as Pope while they were alive.

Most of the Popes are not known by their personal names — rather, they adopted a regnal name by which they are known instead. The number of regnal names is fairly limited, with Popes frequently chosing to adopt the name of one of their predecessors as a mark of respect or indication of doctrinal similarity. A total of twenty-two names have been used, with the most recent new addition (Miguel) being made over two centuries ago.

Number Name Reigned Notes
1stMarco1453 BP — 1437 BP16 yearsA disciple of Cruis and founder of the Church.
2ndDominico I1437 BP — 1426 BP11 years
3rdSimono I1426 BP — 1421 BP5 yearsFirst leader to adopt the title of Archbishop of Brancassa.
4thJustinio I1421 BP — 1401 BP20 years
5thIgnacio I1401 BP — 1398 BP3 years
6thEdaro I1398 BP — 1392 BP6 years
7thPio I1392 BP5 months
8thAndreo I1392 BP — 1385 BP7 years
9thSebastiano I1385 BP — 1371 BP14 years
10thSimono II1371 BP — 1361 BP10 yearsFirst leader to officially use the title "Pope".
11thDominico II1361 BP — 1360 BP1 year
12thIgnacio II1360 BP — 1357 BP3 years
13thIgnacio III1357 BP — 1355 BP2 years
14thBernardo I1355 BP — 1347 BP8 years
15thSimono III1347 BP — 1330 BP17 years
16thEdaro II1330 BP — 1317 BP12 yearsForced to accept broad Liliani control over the Church after Liliana invades Lendia. Beginning of "the Captivity", and official use of the term "Pope" is supressed.
17thAndreo II1317 BP — 1308 BP9 years
18thJustinio II1308 BP — 1305 BP3 years
19thBernardo II1505 BP — 1284 BP21 years Condemned Clemenism, which held that Cruis, while divinely favoured, was otherwise an ordinary man. First instance of those considered "heretics" being expelled from the Church.
20thPio II1284 BP — 1274 BP10 years
21stDominico III1274 BP3 months
22ndDominico IV1274 BP — 1259 BP15 years
23rdIgnacio IV1259 BP — 1250 BP9 years
24thSimono IV1250 BP — 1248 BP2 years
25thEdaro III1248 BP — 1234 BP11 years
26thPedro I1235 BP28 days Died after falling from a balcony. Unproven accusations of murder by Liliani officers over his independent stance.
27thPio III1235 BP — 1232 BP5 years
28thCelestino I1232 BP — 1226 BP6 years
29thCelestino II1226 BP — 1209 BP17 years
30thSimono V1209 BP — 1205 BP4 years
31stJustinio III1205 BP — 1195 BP10 years Condemned Sovirism, a heresy which held that the scriptures should be seen not as factual statements but as allegories and metaphors.
32ndDominico V1195 BP — 1192 BP3 years Ordered the burning of several Sovirists, the first known religious executions in the Church's history.
33rdBernardo III1192 BP — 1184 BP8 years Repudiated his predecessor's policy of executing heretics, although continued persecution with other methods.
34thIgnacio V1184 BP — 1183 BP1 year
35thCarlo I1183 BP — 1171 BP12 years
36thSimono VI1171 BP — 1155 BP16 years
37thCelestino III1155 BP — 1146 BP9 years
38thCarlo II1146 BP — 1144 BP2 years Attempted to halt persecution of Sovirists, but was blocked by Liliani officials who saw the Sovirist mass movement as a potential political threat.
39thEdaro IV1144 BP — 1139 BP5 years
40thDominico VI1139 BP — 1136 BP3 years
41stDominico VII1136 BP — 1118 BP18 years
42ndIgnacio VI1118 BP — 1113 BP5 years
42ndJustinio IV1113 BP — 1097 BP16 years
43rdEdaro V1097 BP — 1091 BP6 years
44thSebastiano II1091 BP — 1077 BP14 years
45thSebastiano III1077 BP — 1075 BP2 years
46thSimono VII1075 BP4 months
47thSimono VIII1075 BP — 1068 BP7 years Rejected as illegitimate by a faction of the Church who claimed the election was rigged. A rival claimant, calling himself Martino I, established a rival papacy that was shut down by the Liliani authorities.
48thSimono IX1068 BP — 1059 BP9 years
49thClaudio I1059 BP — 1049 BP10 years
50thDominico VIII1049 BP — 1037 BP12 years
51stBernardo IV1037 BP — 1015 BP22 years
52ndBernardo V1015 BP — 1007 BP8 years
53rdCarlo III1007 BP — 999 BP8 years
54thCarlo IV999 BP — 990 BP9 years
55thCarlo V990 BP — 989 BP1 year
56thClaudio II989 BP — 987 BP2 years
57thCelestino IV987 BP — 976 BP11 yearsForced to abdicate by the Liliani authorities for supporting the Rivan Rebellion.
58thSimono X976 BP — 963 BP13 years
59thEdaro VI963 BP — 953 BP10 years
60thCarlo VI953 BP — 948 BP5 years
61stIgnacio VII948 BP — 942 BP6 years
62ndJustinio V942 BP — 923 BP19 years
63rdDominico IX923 BP — 916 BP7 years
64thAndreo III916 BP — 910 BP16 years
65thSebastiano IV900 BP — 897 BP3 years
66thBernardo VI897 BP — 891 BP6 years
67thSimono XI891 BP — 883 BP8 years
68thSimono XII883 BP — 863 BP20 years
69thClaudio III863 BP — 851 BP12 years
70thEdaro VII851 BP — 850 BP1 years
71stEdaro VIII850 BP — 844 BP6 years
72ndEdaro IX844 BP — 839 BP5 years
73rdSimono XIII839 BP — 821 BP18 years
74thBernardo VII821 BP — 807 BP14 years
75thPio IV807 BP — 798 BP9 years
76thIgnacio VIII798 BP — 792 BP6 years
77thIgnacio IX792 BP — 787 BP5 years
78thSimono XIV787 BP — 766 BP21 years
79thPedro II766 BP — 763 BP3 years
80thClaudio IV763 BP — 759 BP4 years
81stCarlo VIII759 BP — 743 BP16 years
82ndEdaro X743 BP — 732 BP11 years
83rdSimono XV732 BP — 720 BP12 years
84thFulgencio I720 BP — 710 BP10 yearsReasserted the Church's independence as Liliani forces withdraw. End of "the Captivity".
85thPio V710 BP7 months
86thClaudio V710 BP — 702 BP8 years
87thClaudio VI702 BP — 687 BP15 years
88thSimono XVI687 BP — 661 BP26 years
89thCelestino V661 BP — 656 BP5 years
90thJustinio V656 BP — 648 BP8 years Ordered the earliest known compilation of Church law, ending the reliance on unwritten traditions and conventions.
91stAndreo III648 BP — 646 BP2 years
92ndIgnacio X646 BP — 644 BP2 years
93rdCarlo VIII644 BP — 643 BP1 years
94thSimono XVII643 BP — 634 BP9 years
95thSimono XVIII634 BP — 622 BP12 years
96thSimono XIX622 BP2 months
97thCelestino VI622 BP5 months
98thAndreo IV622 BP — 616 BP6 years Launched a major project to convert Piolsa to the Papaist faith. Not widely successful, but today sometimes considered one of Piolsa's patron saints.
99thClaudio VII616 BP — 602 BP14 years
100thPedro III602 BP — 586 BP16 years
101stPio VI586 BP — 573 BP13 years
102ndBernardo VII573 BP — 570 BP3 years
103rdBernardo VIII570 BP — 560 BP10 years
104thSimono XX560 BP19 daysAbdicated, citing stress.
105thDominico XI560 BP — 559 BP11 years
106thClaudio VIII559 BP — 557 BP2 years
107thJustinio VI557 BP — 548 BP9 years
108thPedro IV548 BP — 541 BP7 years
109thIgnacio XI541 BP — 536 BP5 years
110thJustinio VII536 BP — 520 BP16 years
111thBernardo IX520 BP — 515 BP5 years
112thCarlo IX515 BP — 501 BP14 years First Pope to officially condemn Veldanism's position as the state religion of Lendia, arguing that the country now had as many Cruisians as Veldanists.
113thCelestino VII501 BP — 492 BP9 years
114thCelestino VIII492 BP — 478 BP14 years
115thAndreo V478 BP5 months
116thSebastiano V478 BP — 473 BP5 years Strongly but unsuccesfully opposed the unification of Lendia and Piolsa, believing that non-Cruisian Piolsa would dilute the strength of the Church.
117thJustinio VIII473 BP — 471 BP2 years Accused of inflaming tensions between Papaists and Veldanists. Assassinated by a Veldanist extremist, and subsequently declared a martyr.
118thBernardo X471 BP — 461 BP10 years Attempted to halt religious violence, but was largely ignored.
119thPio VII461 BP — 452 BP9 years
120thCelestino IX452 BP — 422 BP30 years Successfully negotiated an end to Veldanism's status as the state religion, greatly calming religious tension.
121stFulgencio II422 BP — 418 BP4 years
122ndIgnacio XII418 BP — 401 BP17 years
123rdAndreo VI401 BP — 394 BP7 years
124thSimono XXI394 BP — 391 BP3 years
125thJustinio IX391 BP — 383 BP8 years
126thCarlo X383 BP — 373 BP10 years
128thJustinio X373 BP — 372 BP1 year
129thSimono XXII372 BP — 370 BP2 years
130thCelestino X370 BP — 355 BP15 years
131stFulgencio III355 BP — 344 BP11 years
132ndDominico XII344 BP — 337 BP7 years
133rdJustinio XI337 BP — 331 BP6 years
134thJustinio XII331 BP — 324 BP4 years
135thBernardo XI324 BP — 319 BP8 years
136thPio VIII319 BP4 months
137thJustinio XIII319 BP — 310 BP9 years
138thAndreo VII310 BP — 298 BP12 years
139thIgnacio XIII298 BP — 296 BP2 years
140thCelestino XI296 BP — 289 BP7 years
141stJulio I289 BP — 272 BP17 years
142ndBernardo XII272 BP — 260 BP12 years
143rdJustinio XIV260 BP — 248 BP12 years
144thSimono XXIII248 BP — 247 BP1 year
145thZeno I247 BP — 237 BP10 years
146thPedro V237 BP — 230 BP7 years
147thCarlo XI230 BP — 221 BP9 years
148thFulgencio IV221 BP — 210 BP11 years
149thJulio II210 BP — 197 BP13 years
150thIago197 BP — 189 BP8 years
151stMelo I189 BP — 165 BP24 years
152ndCelestino XII165 BP — 158 BP7 years
153rdSebastiano VI158 BP — 139 BP19 years
154thRicardo I139 BP — 137 BP2 years
155thJustinio XV137 BP — 135 BP2 years
156thJustinio XVI135 BP — 124 BP11 years
157thClaudio IX124 BP — 114 BP10 years
158thIgnacio XIV114 BP — 108 BP6 years
159thCarlo XII108 BP — 104 BP4 years
160thJustinio XVII104 BP — 86 BP18 years
161stPio IX86 BP — 78 BP8 years
162ndZeno II78 BP — 51 BP27 years
163rdJustinio XVIII51 BP — 38 BP13 years
164thAndreo VIII38 BP — 36 BP2 years
165thIgnacio XV36 BP — 33 BP3 years
166thSimono XXIV33 BP — 21 BP12 years
167thBernardo XIII21 BP — 14 BP7 years
168thJustinio XIX14 BP — 9 BP5 years
169thCelestino XIII9 BP — 1 AP10 yearsDied in the Plague.
170thJulio III1 AP — 19 AP18 yearsWorked to rebuild and stabilize the Church after the Plague. Was elected under irregular circumstances, but was eventually acknowledged by all as legitimate.
171stCarlo XIII19 AP — 25 AP6 yearsImprisoned by Lucio I of Lalta for refusing to bless his rule.
172ndIgnacio XVI25 AP — 27 AP2 yearsChosen under heavy pressure from King Lucio I of Lalta. Supported Laltese territorial claims, and was probably poisoned by Neonia as a result.
173rdSimono XXV27 AP — 32 AP5 yearsAttempted to steer a middle course between the papacy's autonomy and political pressures.
174thJustinio XX35 AP10 daysStrongly against political interference in the Church. Poisoned, presumably by the Laltese monarchy.
175thMercurio VII35 AP — 36 AP1 yearSon of King Lucio I of Lalta, elected under severe pressure. Forced by his father to abdicate after failing to advance Laltese interests as well as expected.
176thQuinto I36 AP — 42 AP6 yearsA relative of the Laltese royal family.
178thQuinto II42 AP — 50 AP8 yearsA relative of the Laltese royal family.
179thQuinto III50 AP — 64 AP14 yearsA relative of the Laltese royal family.
180thQuinto IV64 AP27 daysA relative of the Laltese royal family. Assassinated, probably by Neonia as part of the Inatrian War.
181stQuinto V64 AP2 monthsA relative of the Laltese royal family. Forced to abdicate after Lalta's defeat in the Inatrian War.
182ndCarlo XIV64 AP — 70 AP6 yearsA relative of the Neonian royal family, installed as part of the peace agreement following the Inatrian War. Abdicated after an assassination attempt.
183rdDominico XIII70 AP — 78 AP8 yearsFrom Sagotia, chosen as a compromise between Lalta and Neonia. Avoided controversy.
184thCelestino XIV78 AP — 80 AP2 yearsAttempted to reduce corruption and eliminate political interference in the Church. Assassinated, probably on the orders of his successor.
185thMelo II80 AP — 88 AP8 yearsNotoriously corrupt. Accepted bribes from Rivania in exchange for publicly backing its war against Olasano, and from Lalta during the Lalto-Bairian War. Finally abdicated in the face of public outrage.
186thCelestino XV88 AP — 91 AP3 yearsAttempted to purge the Church of the corruption fostered in his predecessor's reign. Lost the fight and was forced to abdicate.
187thIgnacio XVII91 AP — 95 AP4 yearsAllowed corruption in the Church to spread unchecked. Murdered, possibly by a rival within the Church.
188thBernardo XIII95 AP — 96 AP1 yearsUncorrupt, but lacking enough power to fight corruption elsewhere, having been chosen mainly as a figurehead to create the appearance of reform. Murdered, allegedly because he had found out who killed his predecessor.
189thZeno III96 AP — 103 AP7 yearsCorrupt. Forced to abdicate when revolutionaries captured the Papal palace.
190thDominico XIV103 AP3 daysUnacceptable to the revolutionaries, and forced to abdicate almost immediately.
191stSimono XXVI103 AP2 daysUnacceptable to the revolutionaries, and forced to abdicate almost immediately. Shortest reigning Pope thus far.
192ndMiguel I103 AP — 122 AP19 yearsReformist. Met with considerable success in clearing corruption.
193rdPedro VI122 AP — 143 AP31 yearsReformist. Continued the work of his predecessor.
194thBernardo XIV143 AP — 150 AP7 years
195thBernardo XV150 AP — 153 AP3 years
196thSebastiano VII153 AP — 163 AP10 years
197thSimono XXVII163 AP — 175 AP12 years
198thJustinio XXI175 AP — 181 AP6 years
199thCelestino XVI181 AP — 196 AP15 years
200thSebastiano VIII196 AP — 204 AP8 yearsAbdicated after a scandal over his personal finances.
201stJustinio XVII204 AP — 212 AP8 years
202ndBernardo XVI212 AP4 monthsDied of a heart attack.
203rdDominico XV212 AP — 221 AP9 years
204thPedro VII221 AP — 234 AP13 yearsInformally allied the Church to Prince Carigo, whose popularity was soaring on the back of nationalist and authoritarian sentiment.
205thMiguel II234 AP — 272 AP38 yearsContinued alliance with Carigo when the latter became Emperor. Was eventually convinced to distance the Church from Carigo, gradually joining the opposition. This resulted in Carigo's troops attacking the Papal palace, and the Church being coerced into signing the Antario Accords, forbidding it from passing political comment. Abdicated a year later and joined a monastery. Longest reigning Pope thus far.
206thRicardo II272 AP — 274 AP2 yearsFrom the faction that opposed Carigo. Accused of fueling partisanship and division.
207thPedro VIII274 AP — 279 AP5 yearsFrom the faction that either supported or tolerated Carigo. Factionalism continues.
208thDominico XVI279 AP — 280 AP1 yearAttempted to calm partisan disputes, but died of illness before meeting much success.
209thRicardo III280 AP — 284 AP4 yearsFrom the faction that opposed Carigo. Attempted to "purge" opponents from higher positions in the Church.
210thCelestino XVII284 AP — 296 AP12 yearsStrongly opposed to ongoing factional disputes, and successfully mediated between the groups. Worked to improve Church's public image and reputation, damaged by early support for Carigo and subsequent internal problems.
211thJulio IV296 AP — presentongoingThe current Pope.

Longest and shortest reignsEdit

Name Number Reigned Notes
Miguel II205th234 AP — 272 AP38 years
Pedro VI193rd122 AP — 143 AP31 years
Celestino IX120th452 BP — 422 BP30 years
Zeno II162nd78 BP — 51 BP27 years
Simono XVI88th687 BP — 661 BP26 years
Name Number Reigned Notes
Simono XXVI191st103 AP2 daysElected during the Lendian Revolution, and forced to abdicate by revolutionaries.
Dominico XIV190th103 AP3 daysElected during the Lendian Revolution, and forced to abdicate by revolutionaries.
Justinio XX174th35 AP10 daysPoisoned, probably by the Laltese monarchy, who objected to his campaign against political interference in the Church.
Simono XX104th560 BP19 daysAbdicated, citing stress.
Quinto IV180th64 AP27 daysAssassinated, probably by Neonia due to his support of Lalta in the Inatrian War.

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