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Lendosan election, 304

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Table of resultsEdit

Name Leader Share of vote Seats
Proportional Regional Total
Balance PartyAnya Atmasova18.2%121527
Imperial PartyReinaro da Tenio18.1%121426
Reform PartyPaulo Dias13.4%91120
Socialist PartyAmelia Ferrano12.0%81220
Progressive PartyJuano Magelo9.1%6410
Nationalist PartyJulia Verna8.8%628
Communist PartyMiguel Torantrianico7.3%527
Ecotopian PartyMaria Secanto5.9%437
Libertarian PartyAmarito Cento5.7%437
Burovian PartyFernando Galteri0.7%---
Values PartyDominico Maleo0.6%---
Fascist PartyTavo Irigo0.2%---

Map of resultsEdit


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